Why, tumblr, why are you eating my asks?

I should start checking my askbox more frequently, especially when I’m waiting for replies, instead of silently getting angry and wondering why on earth nobody is talking to me anymore.

So… I found allllll~ the messages, firmly hidden in my ask box!

Anon, in case you’re reading this, thank you very much ♥
Idk, I don’t really like to answer anon love publicly, it always sounds like singing one’s own praises, but please do know that I will love you forever~

Jun, I’m looking forward to hearing from you! I’m always glad to help with distraction.

Raph, I’m sick like fuck and will probably stay in bed tomorrow, hope you got my text?

Everyone else: Am I the only one having those troubles?

#askbox #eww tumblr #anon #anon love #glasmond #thegeekinterpreter #wheeee
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  1. glasmond answered: I have those problems, too ;-;. And yes, I’ve got your text! Gute Besserung, Liebes!
  2. yazsha answered: Nooo you’re not the only one!!!!!!!!!
  3. itsa3patchproblem posted this

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