Sticker Alarm!

After some people seemed to be interested in these, I sat down today and made some more designs. It’s quite a wide range now, from simple to effective. Pitily, I can’t show you all of them in detail, tumblr wouldn’t allow more pics at once, but you can see all of them together in the top picture!

All these stickers are available on Baker Street Corner!

Because I can print them at home, they’re not too expensive - every sheet (containing 24 stickers) is 1.20 EUR (1.00 GBP / 1.60 USD).

Shipping is the crux, though… I played around with different envelopes and decided I have to use the bigger ones to make sure nothing is damaged and the stickers arrive at your home safely!
But the good news is: You pay 3.60 EUR (3.00 GBP / 4.70 USD) for shipping once, no matter how many sheets you buy!

I ship everywhere in the world!

For all further information on how to buy etc. please visit my shop!

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