Prize: 8.00 € (6.70 GBP / 10.70 USD)

Letter beads are ceramics, the other beads are 100% real wood (no tropic wood!) and silver-coated metal beads.
Beads are threaded on ultra tear-proof flexible wire.

The bracelet you see in the photo is fitting to my own wrist, but I will make an identical bracelet especially for you, so please do always add your wrist circumferrence to your order! I can also make them with wooden beads in pretty much every colour possible, so if you have any custom wishes, please contact me. Different colours or length won’t change the prize. If you wish to, I will send you a photo of your ready, custom-made bracelet before receiving your payment. Just e-mail me for details!


Now also available for € 8.40 on DaWanda!

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Baker Street Corner Give-Away Time!


As some of you might have noticed, my little online shop Baker Street Corner has opened it’s doors recently and I’m very happy to announce that I have already sold something!

And I thought, well, what better way is there to celebrate both the shop opening and the new Sherlock season, than to give a little present to my lovely tumblr people?

So I decided to give away one of my “Mrs Hudson” linen bags, one of the green ones, to be specific:

And here’s how it works:

  • Reblog this post to take part
  • you can reblog as often as you want to
  • likes can’t count, I’m afraid, but there’s nothing wrong with liking it!
  • you don’t have to follow me (but if you want to add loads of Sherlock crack to your dash, or to keep informed about BSC news, feel free to do so!)
  • everytime you reblog, your name will be added to my list. I will use a program to pick a winner randomly.
  • The give-away ends January 9th, 9.00 p.m. GMT (yes, I’m a Hobbit, I give away presents on my birthday. You’re welcome.)
  • make sure your ask is open, so I can contact you, if you’re the winner! The winner will also be displayed on my tumblr. Please make sure you respond to my ask within 3 days!
  • I ship everywhere in the world!

Good luck!


Tired of waiting?
The bag and more lovely stuff is on sale on Baker Street Corner!

Just for spreading the word a little further and annoying you with this. ;)

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All these lovely items are now available on Baker Street Corner!

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