Benedict Cumberbatch PBS/Masterpiece Sherlock Series 2 NY Event

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Casually rage-joining here.
If you need palpable backup, just call.

Benedict Cumberbatch: New Jaguar commercial voiceover

Or in other words: asdfghjkl

I want this to be clear…


We are not “bitching” about Benedict being at EJ’s Oscars AIDs charity party rather than the actual Oscars, obviously it’s an important event and we give everyone that participates a great thank you for being such wonderful people. We are just disappointed that we didn’t get to see Benedict, like we thought we would. We’re over that and are just waiting for the pictures and interview from the event. We are fans, not “fans” as some were nice enough to condescendingly say, and in fact we love Benedict more for going to the charity event instead of the Oscars. 

Thank you.
It’s really disturbing how people seem to be unable to differ making fun from being serious. Of course it’s cool he’s there.

Plus, I suppose he could’ve gotten the invitation last minute so he actually did plan to attend the Oscars? We don’t know, of course…but does it matter?

Just calm your titties, guys.

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Via Getty. Poor devil does look rather exhausted. The Tinker Tailor on set photography is lovely though.


Benedict Cumberbatch attends Paul Smith Los Angeles Hosts Gary Oldman And Jack English For Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Still Photography Exhibit at Paul Smith on February 23, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

I feel a bit like crying at what he looks like in recent photos.
Hope he gets some holidays soon.
And by soon, I mean, you know, preferably by yesterday.

Oh wow, I really want to give the person who spotted and filmed Benedict in L.A. a high five!

In the face.

With a chair.

The best thing about Benedict Cumberbatch going to the Oscars?











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Benedict Cumberbatch, BBC’s Sherlock interview, 2012.

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Celebrity In Alphabet  ● B ● Benedict Cumberbatch↳ asked by alwayswithakiss


Celebrity In Alphabet  ● B ● Benedict Cumberbatch
↳ asked by alwayswithakiss

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