Finally found a title for my future bestseller.

'The marvellous life of Asta the beautiful'.

Beware, world. The nobel prize for literature is good as mine.

Jun will have a minor cameo if he behaves.


Jun text me back already

You bad person

Supervisor says I have to take holidays in March.
Easyjet says flights to London are from 26 € in March.
Heart says, fuck, I’m so homesick it’s not even funny.

So, uh… if Jun or Irene would grant me shelter for a few nights, I could actually come to London for a couple of days in March… now… bad idea?

Why, tumblr, why are you eating my asks?

I should start checking my askbox more frequently, especially when I’m waiting for replies, instead of silently getting angry and wondering why on earth nobody is talking to me anymore.

So… I found allllll~ the messages, firmly hidden in my ask box!

Anon, in case you’re reading this, thank you very much ♥
Idk, I don’t really like to answer anon love publicly, it always sounds like singing one’s own praises, but please do know that I will love you forever~

Jun, I’m looking forward to hearing from you! I’m always glad to help with distraction.

Raph, I’m sick like fuck and will probably stay in bed tomorrow, hope you got my text?

Everyone else: Am I the only one having those troubles?

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY~ (sorry almost forgot because SHERLOCK)”

Thank you honey :))) Sorry I didn’t reply yesterday, that follow forever thingie definitely made my evening! Thanks again!

Ugh, couldn’t watch Sherlock b/c all the streams went down :O Now I downloaded a vid someone sent me, but was Scandal instead.

AHAHAHA sooooo funny.


So, I’ll just go look for another one, then download fake!videos the whole night, and oversleep the day!

Hope you could watch it live annnnnd… yeah, hopefully I’ll be with you soon! :-*

“Ooh sex you say yes I'd like some sex please~ lol”




Well, but we can have some MINDSEX, if you fancy? xD
Which, by the way, reminds me…

"I can’t sleep."
"It’s 3 a.m. goddammit, you woke me up."
"Yeah, well… now that you’re awake anyway, I thought you’d like to come over? You know… watch crap tellie, play Scrabble, or maybe have sex…"
"Mh, I like sex… SHIT. I mean Scrabble."

But seriously… Scrabble, I just thought about it, I really miss those afternoons at my best friend’s house (that was not a quote by the way, not a real one at all!), playing Scrabble, listening to Ryan Adams, laughing about stupid jokes… seems like that was ages ago.


My mom always says I should get/meet some “real” friends instead of hanging out on the internet the whole day -

But it’s hardly my fault that the world is so big~

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